Landscape of Belle-île-en-mer

For the past few days I've been visiting Belle-île-en-mer, an island just near the coast of Bretagne in France. The nature is incredibly beautiful and insanely wild and raw here and so is the weather. Over the past years I've found it more interesting to be place where there is a bit of rawness, not just in nature be with people as well, I find it so much more interesting to photograph when there is a bit of imperfection in the surroundings. 

When arriving at Belles-île we had two days of storm, which made it difficult to shoot the first couple of day as I couldn't hold the camera still. Fortunately yesterday was sunny and I got to shoot some of these pictures below. I will share a few more photos over the next couple of days.

All pictures are shoot on a Fujifilm x100f and Nikon D7100 with a 28-70 lens. All edit in Lightroom with VSCO.