FAQ & Informations



What do you shoot?

I am a lifestyle photographer specialized in food/drink, interior, travel and portraits. 


I always love to get new clients and I always make sure to find time for you, but as my time is limited and demand please make sure to book in advance. 


My prices varies depending on how many pictures you need, the level of demand for my work, time spent photographing and editing plus the investment of equipment that is needed for the shoot.  

How long till I get my pictures?

1-2 week depending on the level of demand of cause.

How long do you keep files?

I keep original and editing photos for 3 months for private clients, for reasons such as not having unlimited storage. After 3 months I can't be responsible for your images. I thank you for the understanding. For brand/ commercial clients I keep original and editing files up till 6 months. 


Never hesitate to ask questions. Drop me a mail if you have any kind of question regarding a photoshoot. I will do my best to respond as soon as possible.